Friday, 21 November 2014

Lincoln Bloggers Club Sunday 16th November - The Day

Well, it's been and gone. On Sunday I hosted -  and attended for that matter - my first ever blogging event. I have to admit I was quite nervous about it. It's taken months of planning, and I've barely had an evening to myself. I was so paranoid that no one would turn up. And while some people were unable to make it, they were for very valid reasons. But, people did come!

I'd spent the night before stuffing various products into the goody bags, and then packing them all up in to a couple of mini suitcases. So, I was able to spend the morning beforehand (up until 10am anyway) chilling out a bit and getting ready before driving into Lincoln. I met the lovely Suzie from The Xenca Way outside Rock Paper Scissors a bit after 11am, and we were shortly joined by Lizzie who let us in. Rock Paper Scissors was the second venue of the day, but this was where we needed to set up, as Suzie was giving her talk here, and I wanted to leave all the goody bags here as a surprise. I also had a last minute addition to the goody bags, but I will post about those separately. 

After we set up we left Lizzie to do some shopping and myself and Suzie had just enough time to get some lunch at the High Bridge Cafe. It was really nice having that time to chat to Suzie before the event. While we'd been emailing and tweeting for a while, it was good to get to know her a bit in person before we met everyone else. I had tomato soup if you were wondering, and Suzie had a salmon salad. 

Then it was time for the big event. My nerves were seriously kicking in by this point!! Luckily as we were walking to Lush we spotted Frankie, Tasnim and Laura. I instantly felt better that there was actually people coming/there, and after a few hellos and introductions we headed around the corner to Lush. And I couldn't believe that just around the corner was a crowd of bloggers awaiting my arrival. People genuinely came!! Those people were: John, Rowena, Khurshid, Sarah, Alice, Naomi, and last but not least Jess. After a few more introductions (and me forewarning the staff) we went into Lush for part 1 of the day.

Once in Lush we were given a tour by the lovely Andrea, Daisy and Josh. And this wasn't a whistle stop tour - we got the full works! A detailed explanation of a whole host of their products, their ingredients, and what they do. And demonstrations! We got to play with various bath bombs, and see what colour they sent the water. We passed things around, smelt them, felt the textures. Played with the jelly snowman. We learnt what went into them, and why. And this wasn't limited to their bath range. We looked at hair care. Skin care. Make up. The lot. And, as you saw on Wednesday, we even got a sneak preview of their brand new shampoo bars. Andrea coloured matched my skin too, and I got myself a new foundation. I'll tell you more about that once I've worn it a while though. All in all we spent nearly two hours in Lush. And it made me want to buy everything! In fact, I did buy a few bits. And Lush very kindly gave us a goody bag each. 

As this post is becoming pretty long, I'm going to fill you in another time on the goody bag products and what I bought...

So, once we were done at Lush we headed over to Rock Paper Scissors. Have you ever been there? It's this lovely little quirky store/cafe. They have items for sale, they do food, and they do craft lessons/workshops too. Not only that but I'm told they do an open mic night every so often as well. It's a local business, and I just love supporting those. Lizzie had prepared a lovely afternoon tea for us all. And we tucked in while Suzie chatted to us about Xenca Way - which I will tell you all about in separate post. It was at this point I also surprised everyone with another goody bag! Below are some photos from Rock Paper Scissors - mostly during setting up, as I got too carried away eating cake and chatting to people to take many later on!

I'll fill you in later about the Xenca Way, the goody bags, all the brand involved, and my purchases. 

All in all I was really pleased with the day. I met lots of lovely new people - everyone was so nice, and I really hope I get to see them again sometime. Lush were seriously wonderful, and so accommodating. And the food at Rock Paper Scissors was sooooo good! I'm definitely going back there!!

Have you been to a blogger event before? How does this compare?

Hope you come back to hear all about the goody bags

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What's been cooking in the Lush kitchen: Brand New Shampoo Bars - see them before they go in stores!

I was really lucky on Sunday and got to tour the Lincoln branch of Lush with Andrea, Daisy and Josh as part of the Lincoln Bloggers Club. I will be posting about that in full shortly, but I wanted to show you these beauties before they launch. This was so exclusive, they're not even available on the website yet, but they should launch next week. So without any further delay:

We were really lucky and got a sneak peek, and I just had to share them with you. They are as follows:

Lullaby (the light pink one)

This is a really gentle shampoo made from almonds, oats and lavender - hence the name. I do like lavender, though it isn't for everyone. But I really got the impression that this would be good to use before bed. 

Honey I Washed My Hair (the white one)

This smells like Honey I Washed the Kids. Honey and toffee. Very sweet. This also promises soft shiny hair.

Brazilliant (the orange one)

This has some magic oil in it that comes from a nut found in Brazil - andiroba. Not only does this strengthen but it conditions too. It smells citrus-y too, but more orange than lemon. That'll be the orange oil.

Jason and the Argan Oil (the dark pink one)

Now, I showed my age by laughing at this pun of a name. Do you get it? Anyway, this contains argan oil just in case the name didn't give it away. And, it smells just like Rose Jam!! Apparently it's particularly good for fair hair. 

Montalbano (the yellow one)

This smells amazing. Lemony goodness. It promises super shiny hair too. 

Copperhead (the almost gold one)

This is a mild shampoo that is good for brunettes, and is great for coloured hair. Now, mine is all natural, but the henna appeals. This also contains coffee, and offers a fantastic shine.

And, I even managed to bag one for myself. I went for Copperhead, which in all honesty wasn't my favourite in terms of scent but it contains henna, and I know from past experiences that henna does wonderful things to my hair - super shiny!! I've used it already, and the henna scent isn't overpowering, so if like me the scent just doesn't do it for you, don't let that put you off this gem of a bar. I used it Sunday night, and you know what, as I'd run out of conditioner I just used this shampoo bar, nothing else. And.... drum roll please..... my hair looks lovely. It shiny and soft, and I really didn't notice that I'd skipped the conditioner!The bar still looks brand new too, and I've read reviews in the past saying that the bar lasts for months. So, while the price tag might seem a little bit expensive for some shampoo, if it does good things to your hair, and lasts for months on end, it is more than worth it. I get through a bottle a week normally,so this might actually save me some money in the long run too - win:win!!

Which one are you eyeing up?

What scent appeals to you?

Have you tried henna on your hair? 

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tag Tuesday: Bucket List

The lovely Gemma of Cream Tea and Rose Jam tagged me a while ago in this Bucket List tag, and I've been meaning to do it for a while, but I've been so tied up with organising this meet - which went really well by the way, more on that later this week. I did do a Summer Bucket List post a while ago, and looking back at it now I have ticked a few of them off. And, back waaay back when I started blogging I also put together a 30 before 30 list, and I've revisited that and it was nice to see I've managed to tick a few of those off too. So with that in mind, onto the tag:


- Link back to the person who tagged you/inspired you
- List 20 things that are on your bucket list. They don´t have to be in order and you don´t have to explain any of them (but you can if you want to)
- Tag at least 3 other people who should do this tag as well

1 - Organise more blogger events.
2 - Plan a holiday (very soon). 
3 - Blog more!
4 - Learn another language.
5 - Do more with my weekends, go places for a day, or have a weekend away. 
6 - Read more.
7 - Print out my photos.
8 - Get a new car.
9 - Own a house.
10 - Save more (see above)

11- (inspired by Gemma) See an outdoor movie (sounds magical).
12 - Blog about fashion more. 
13 - Blog about lifestyle more. Basically branch out.
14 - Shop at Lush more. I love them.
15 - Dance more - use my pole at home. 
16 - Lose weight/my wobbly bits.
17 - Run more.
18 - I'm writing this when I'm really sleepy, so I'm also going to say sleep and relax more. ;)
19 - Travel more. More holidays. More adventures. 
20 - and finally, a simple but important one: smile more 

I tag: Tink

and anyone else who fancies giving it a go....

Pssstt..... My blog has been entered in not one, but two categories in the UK Blog Awards 2015!! It would mean the world to me if you could give me a cheeky little vote. 

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Musings: Should This Man be Allowed into the UK?

I don't know if this is something that you're aware of, but it's been featured in the news a lot in the last week or so. Julien Blanc. I'd never heard of him before this week, but apparently he's a big deal - at least to men looking for ways to attract women. He gives advice, dating seminars if you will. You can find his website here.

"It’s Offensive, It's Inappropriate, It's Emotionally Scarring, BUT IT'S DAMN EFFECTIVE," In his own words....

I just had to talk to you about this, because in my opinion this is just plain old wrong!
His chart breaking down how to pick up women includes tactics such as "Use Emotional Abuse", "Use Isolation", "Use Coercion and Threats"even "Use Children" say what?!! This is not something being blown out of proportion by a red top newspaper. These are his words. This is what he preaches. 

You can find a number of his seminars on YouTube. I have watched some of them, though not all the way through as some are more than an hour and a half long. I didn't see any of the behaviour he is being criticised for. However, there are other videos out there, made by people who clearly have more patience than myself, who have taken clips from full length seminars. 
This is one of those clipped videos. And undeniably it is the same Julien Blanc promoting yelling Pikachu at Japanese women, grabbing them and forcing their heads to his crotch. Followed by footage of him doing just that. Not only is that completely inappropriate. It's racist. It's sexist. It's disgusting. 

Searching Google for his name brings up a lot of results. And a lot of news articles. I've tried to keep the links I'm sharing with you to broadsheets rather than tabloids, as I trust the content more than tabloids. There's even an article in the New Statesman about this (here) and if they're getting involved, it's probably for a good reason!

Searching twitter brings up a few hashtags, apparently Julien himself came up with the following #chokingwomenaroundtheworld promoting choking women as a pick up technique, including images of him doing just that. 

But, while you might agree that what he promotes is just plain wrong - is that enough to keep him out of the country? Apparently the UK can decline entry if they feel that person intends to incite violence. Based on his videos, tweets, etc I would argue that's exactly what he's doing. Not only that, but if he's then passing these "tips" on to others under the guise of helping them attract women - well surely that's just going to lead to more women being grabbed and directed towards strangers crotches. 

Should you fancy signing a petition to keep him out of the UK you can find it here

I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on this. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Silent (ish) Sunday

So today is the day guys - #Lincolnbloggersclub

While I might not have a blog post for you today, there will be plenty to see on both twitter and instagram, so I won't be completely silent. Make sure you're following me to see what we're up to. 

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